These are some of the most asked questions regarding the usage of this site:

1. Who hosts videos in this site? (DISCLAIMER)

None of the audio/visual content is hosted on this site. All media is embedded from other media hosting sites such as YouTubeVimeoDaily Motion, Metacafe, Netflix, Hulu etc.

This site does not host any of the streaming media and the owner has not uploaded any of the material to the video hosting servers. Anyone can find the same content on YouTube, Daily motion or Vimeo by themselves. Most of the videos are made available for free streaming and sharing by its owner on the web space.

However, JESEECA.COM is a pro-DMCA website and as such Content Owners can use the DMCA protocol to request removal of embedded videos that they believe infringe their copyright. We are not intended to make any violation of rights. We respects everyone’s rights at all time.

The owner of this site is willing to remove any violating material immediately upon request. The copyright owner must further contact the source if he/ she wants his/ her material off the Internet completely. Read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy as use of this site constitutes acceptance of them.

2. I want to use material featured on this site. How to get them?

We are not the rightful people to deliver you such. Do not ask us to send you material – We don’t have any. If you want to screen or feature some of the articles, videos, tutorial etc. in front of an audience in your community, in theaters, cinemas, festivals, or on a TV Network, please don’t ask us if you’re allowed to. Find the producers or rightful distributor and ask them.

3. I want to have my film listed on this site. How?

Yes! It is simple to list your videos, tutorials, advertisements etc in this site for us, if you are the film producer or owner of the rights to allow us for the same. Please send us the link where the film can be watched online and embedded from there along with the title and/or description.

4. I have problem viewing the streaming videos. Help!

(Note: If the screen is blank and nothing happens the video has probably been removed, therefore it’s not your fault. Also some of the videos are NOT smart phone such as iPad/iPhone compatible).

However if you’re not able to watch any of the videos, the problem is on your end for sure. Millions of people are watching the videos without any problem whatsoever. Occasionally 2-3 persons per week have problems due to their Browser/Internet settings or lack of the necessary software installed. We always suggest for updated device and browsers at your end.

Download Firefox or Chrome. We use them and we have no problems whatsoever.
Go to Troubleshoot playing videos – YouTube Help or Playback Issues on Vimeo.

Still having problems? There’s nothing more we can do about it.

5. Why have some videos been removed?

They have been removed by YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion or a similar video hosting service by any number of reasons. More to clarify, the source we have taken may have been uploaded by unauthorized users and it may have been terminated by the host, That is why on some of the posts there are only reviews, previews and trailers of the videos. We are periodically checking broken videos and trying to find new source to update them. IF you find some videos are removed or a blank screen are seen please notify to us, it will help us directly take action to the issue rather searching thousands of videos and find the broken links. your valuable support will gradually help grow our community.

6. Who updates this site and how did it all start?

Please Read more About Us page.  To find who we are and how did we started this site.

7. Can any Product or services be listed here for Marketing purposes?

YES ! We can List any product and services related to fashion, skincare, healthy living, lifestyle, fashionable, accessories and personal care products. If you would like to write a review about the product and post here along with banner ads, sale online (soon we will have online store in this site too). Charges and terms are available in our Advertisement information page.

Also don’t forget to read through the Commenting Policy on JESEECA.COM. Thanks.